In 2019 I was the lead designer of the big open week of my student society. The theme was 'Bouwt je Feestje' which translates to 'Constructs your Party'. I tried to capture this contruction style with this project. Below you see the main poster that was visible throughout the city. 
I also created a small video for online advertisements. It's supposed to be a loop to use in an Instagram post.
While most graphics were made in Illustrator or Photoshop, we also did a photo-videoshoot to give some extra dimension to the project. Below you can see some examples of the materials I created after the shoot.
In this open week, we have a lot of special drinks and promotions. This was a great way for me to be extra creative because these posters could be in another style. 
Members and visitors were able to collect buttons during the week. I created the designs, this explanation poster and some more promotional material like a .gif animation showing the buttons.
Some real-life examples of the window-board I created, the main poster in the city and the different buttons.
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